MitakeTozan Railway
Mitake Tozan Railway is a company which runs a traditional cable car line built in 1927.The line runs through Takimoto St. (Elevation:407.6m), which is in the middle of Mt. Mitake, to the top of the mountain, Mitakesan St. (Elevation:831.0m) in about 6 minutes. This cable car line is not only for the tourists who visit to hike, but also familiar to the residents in the top area of this village.

Mt. Mitake is a prominent sacred mountain in Kanto area which has been religiously believed in since old days. Even it is located in Tokyo metropolitan area there are tons of myths and historical anecdotes about the mountain. Nowadays, many people come visit this mountain to hike and to see the rich and the plentiful nature, regardless of any season.

On the top of Mt. Mitake, there is a shrine named “Musashi Mitake”, the god “Ooguchi Magami” has been enshrined. The shrine was built by Suujin emperor the 10th in 91 B.C. This means that the shrine has a long and distinguished history. There are some other shrines such as, “Ubuyasusha”, a shrine which is believed in for having an easy and safe delivery of child, raising children, and a good marriage. You can feel the Japanese spiritual world coexisting with nature here.

Mt. Mitake is known for the gregariousness of Anemonopsis macrophylla. Furthermore, it is a place full of nature that you can enjoy seeing the beautiful seasonal flowers and cute wild animals. There’s also a wonderful Rock Garden in the back side of the mountain. Walking around the Rock Garden, seeing the harmony of the rock and the Japanese clear stream will make your heart healed. Of course, seeing the beautiful waterfalls will do that, too.

At the Musashi Mitake Shirne, a few traditional festivals, such as “Gantan Sai”, “Futomani Sai”, are held through the year. In May, you could see the priest going down the path while the “Mikoshi (a portable shrine)” would be guarded by the armored warriors in “Oguna” festival. There is a Shinto ritual performing festival called “Daidaikagura” in June, September, and October, which is very popular among foreign tourists. This festival has been held since Edo era.

With Your Pets
In Mitake Railways, pets are allowed to go on the cable car only if you pay the fare. (The tickets will be issued.) This makes you to experience the great nature of Mt. Mitake with your embracing pets. However, manners should be strictly followed not to bother any other customers.

[6 articles of Pet Manners]
1. Bring the pet’s droppings back home. Burying is not even allowed.
2. We would kindly ask you to refrain from bringing dogs have not got a vaccination or dogs that have disease.
3. Please accommodate there are people who don’t like animals that bark, bite, and lunge toward or any other kind of animals.
4. Dogs should be kept on a leash while taking a walk.
5. Pets should be trained not to walk in front of the owner, but to walk aside.
6. Consider taking your pets with you in off-season or avoid walking tough hiking courses.


1. Cable car fare (Takimoto St.-Mitakesan St.)
 -Adult: One-way-ticket= 600YEN Round-trip ticket=1,130YEN
 -Child: One-way-ticket= 300YEN Round-trip ticket=570YEN
 -Pets: One-way-ticket (10kg or less)= 130YEN Round-trip ticket (10kg or less)=260YEN
One-way-ticket (over 10kg)= 260YEN Round-trip ticket (over 10kg)=520YEN
 -Bicycle: One-way-ticket= 130YEN

2. Lift Fare (Mitakedaira St.-Daitenboudai St.)
 -One-way-ticket=100YEN Round-ticket=190YEN

3. Parking Fee
 -Low displacement car/ Standard size car: 350YEN/hour Max-Limit: 1,500YEN/day
 -Bus: 2,600YEN/day Day long: uniform fee
 -Motorbike: 500YEN/day Day long: uniform fee
 -Bicycle: 200YEN/once
 [Lodgement Service]
 - Low displacement car/ Standard size car will be 850-2,000YEN (depends on leaving time) for the guests.
 *Lodgement certification is required.
 *Please ask the lodging facilities for further details.

 [Business Hours]
 [Parking Quantity]
 132 units

About Us
Company Name:
+81 428-78-8121
JPY 100,000,000
President Tateishi Tsutomu
Business Portfolio:
railway operation, aerial tramway, Parking Lot, Cafeteria, store, others